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Sure-footed leadership of the enterprise and the ability to achieve digital transformation success both rely on mastery of enterprise data and architecture, ability to model, understand, and optimize the activities of the enterprise, and to drive project and program management at global scale to integrate and align systems and activities across the enterprise.


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Why Culture Matters in Merger and Acquisitions

Companies may seem completely compatible at the beginning of the merger or acquisition process. The legal and financial process moves forward and the merger and acquisition. However, cultural incompatibility can …

Building a Project Management Competency

Make a difference by building a center of excellence with project management as a competency. As indicated in our last article, “Project Management: Utilizing a Reactive Methodology” a project can …

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We gather A players to our team, bringing to bear a mastery of supply chain, industrial production, energy, sales, operations, marketing, and machine learning skills.   Our study team explores and discovers your requirements and commits to a project plan to deliver to those requirements.  Our disciplined Ultimate Solution Experience™ approach to program and project management guarantees the very best chance for implementation success and maximal business value of the delivered solution.

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