We help our clients build a powerful strategy to mobilize resources and reach transformational goals to drive value creation

Delivering an agile business strategy that is a long-term plan and not a short-term fix requires examining capital allocation, competing projects, people, process, technology, competitors, supply chains, global tax, accounting, and trade scenarios.  

A robust strategy may require that each functional area produces a separate strategic plan to support the overall business plan.

An overall strategic plan for the business should have as much or more focus on markets, competitors, and customers to drive growth.  Conversely, 

too much internal focus will inhibit organizational growth.  

A well-designed strategic business plan guides the development of strategy for each function within the enterprise. 

Our work with boards, CEOs, and C-suite executives enables us to leverage our top to bottom perspective and ability to engage, communicate, deliver answers to strategic business questions, and deliver effective strategic plans. 

Solutions For All Aspects of Your Business

How We Help Clients

Connecting the Organization

We lead monthly or quarterly business reviews with business executives and operational executives to ensure appropriate projects are appropriately prioritized and on time and budget.

Capital Allocation Strategy

 We build high-level capital allocation models that enable our clients to explore optimal capital allocation policies and expedite value creation.

Leading Business Strategy Model Development

We help our clients develop an overall strategic roadmap with prioritized areas of strategic focus, client team validated priorities, and details of the defined workstreams.  We lead data acquisition and model formulation to enable what-if analysis and effects on the overall strategy.  We build a global project prioritization plan for each workstream and the organization needed to accomplish the desired outcome.

Constructing the Corporate Strategic Plan

We lead workshops with key client team members to determine the strategic roadmap for an approach to the global planning process. Next, functional workstreams and SME’s are defined and assigned to develop their portion of the strategic plan. Finally, we deliver a communications plan for success.

Conducting Global Interviews and Rationalizing Strategic Requirements

Our experienced and fully qualified program and principals ensure that strategic requirements accurately reflect global strategic and operational goals and define organizational requirements and projects to meet expectations. Develop standard global go-to-market strategies where possible.

What We Do

Global Strategy and Project Prioritization

Delivering a prioritized strategic roadmap to ensure success; built from a set of business capabilities scenarios critical to the success of a world-class integrated strategic plan.

Strategic Benchmarking

Improving the capability to assess and compare competitive performance across multiple success criteria and provide reliable guidance to future strategic performance.

Driving Business Strategy to Align with Business Capabilities

Building a strategic framework to map operational excellence to business strategy and ensure the right human resources can deliver success.

Strategic Performance

Enhancing strategic performance management processes through more efficient and effective planning, forecasting, analysis, reporting, predictive modeling, and what-if analysis.

Functional Strategic Planning

Modeling a Business Capabilities Model scenario and connecting data sources from across the enterprise.  Providing a unified performance reporting and what-if analysis tool to enable informed control team performance and management.  Includes role-based views of the strategic planning progress using the same core data to provide actionable insights.

Cross-Functional Strategic Insights

Building specialized data and advanced analytics views to enable the strategic planning team to exercise successful operational control of the business capabilities modeling process and optimally align business needs and strategic opportunities.  Shows details of on-time, on-budget deliverables with weekly management updates.

Global Data Integration for Strategy Implementation

Implementing a global data warehouse with top to bottom views of the enterprise to support strategy implementation that spans the enterprise, including ERP and CRM systems.  Integrating hundreds of disparate data sources can provide near real-time responses to the latest what-if questions.  The integration also offers support for strategy implementation.

Clean Data for Strategy Implementation

Delivering clean data across the enterprise is the foundation needed to support elements of a successful strategy.  Strategies that require the joining of data from diverse systems across the enterprise for strategy implementation can benefit from master data management.

Strategic Scorecard / Dashboard

Delivering a strategic dashboard enables each operation to review hundreds of metrics and other management information that reflects the operational performance.

Quality Focused, Result Driven

Our Approach

We combine our expertise with an end-to-end perspective of the enterprise and its environment, then leverage powerful AI and data science tools to expose optimal strategies for value creation

Characterize the Organization

We synthesize a profile of the organization, its enterprise investment portfolios, function organization, and leadership.

Establish Scope and Issues

We meet with leadership to understand the most salient issues driving the need for redevelopment of strategy.

Explore the Enterprise, Environment, and Competitive Landscape

We build a comprehensive study of the organization and its environment, focusing on the functional and financial relationships within the enterprise and supply chain and market metrics and competitor strengths.  We consider market positioning, channels, and revenue generation as well.

Analysis and Optimization

We model the enterprise with tools from operations research, AI, and data science.  We build and test a portfolio of scenarios that enable us to evaluate a wide variety of strategy questions.

Top Level Strategy Development

We assemble a coherent suite of top-level enterprise strategies as a strategic plan from our analytical studies and with the original scope and issues on deck.

Functional Strategy Development

With a strategic plan in hand, we build out detailed functional strategies for each of the critical functional areas within scope.

Communication and Reviews

We present the strategic plan and detailed functional strategies and validate each with appropriate audiences.

Sectors We Serve

Sustained, Unfair Competitive Advantage

Impact Stories

Establishing the Georgia Technology Authority

Blackstone + Cullen was asked by the State of Georgia to examine the systems, personnel, and processes to determine if a centralized technology agency would be beneficial to the State of Georgia. The results in this assessment led to the creation of the Georgia Technology Authority.

Global IT Strategy - Customer and Revenue Focused

Due to the rapidly changing technology, funding challenges, and conflicting priorities, it is critical to have and IT strategy in place that provides a roadmap to follow. This is even more essential for a global organization. Discover how Blackstone + Cullen was able to provide a global IT strategy for Merial, a manufacturer of world-leading pharmaceutical products and vaccines for pets.

Finding Star Partners

Determining which partners will help your company deliver the best results is critical. Learn how Blackstone + Cullen helped VMware identify their best partners.

Bringing an Oil Storage Facility Back to Life

How fast can an old refinery with no people, no systems, and no infrastructure be converted to an oil storage facility? Discover how Blackstone + Cullen delivered the right talent to ensure that Arclight Capital Partners was fully prepared to receive their first shipment arriving in 90 days from the initial request.

Data and Analytics Transformation Roadmap

Everyone has heard the expression "Garbage in, garbage out." Even with the best tools in place, good data is critical to perform data analysis on business information. Blackstone + Cullen worked with Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta to clean up their back-end data so their Business Intelligence tools could provide useful and accurate information.

What if You Have to Integrate Multiple ERP and CRM Systems?

Data Delivery and Application Development

Four Steps to BI Dashboard Success

Project/Program Management

Become Comfortable with Uncertainty

Our People

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