Sales Lead Pipeline Management

We work with your organization to develop customized solutions that maximize the impact of your marketing spend and inside sales effort and give you the insight to manage your leads pipeline more effectively

Available marketing analytics tools help identify lead sources and measure close rates. But organizations are still guessing at how to allocate their marketing spend. CEOs demand lower customer acquisition costs (CAC), but most CMO’s don’t have the tools they need to reduce CAC while maximizing sales. Blackstone+Cullen provide a suite of tools and custom solutions to help the CMO and CSO work

together to drive down CAC and expand sales revenue. Our tools integrate and analyze data from marketing analytics systems and CRMs like Salesforce. We build a customized pipeline model for your organization and use operations research and machine learning tools to model your sales lead pipeline and optimize sales while minimizing CAC. 

How We Help Clients

Framing the Problem

We help organizations surface their most critical concerns about their sales lead pipeline, including people, process, and information issues.  We help visualize success, whether that focuses on quality of leads, customer acquisition cost, pure sales revenue, or subsequent purchase revenue.

Building Visibility

Our Glimpse® tools and connectors enable us to join real-time data feeds from PPC advertising tools, marketing analytics systems, and CRMs (like Salesforce) to acquire an end-to-end view from spend to converted lead to sale.  Our Glimpse® tools give this pipeline and its metrics a visual shape.

Lead Custom Solution Implementation

Moving beyond visibility, the Blackstone+Cullen team builds customized optimization tools for your sales lead pipeline.  Your customized solution will lead you to an optimized plan for spending and inside sales activity and let you ask what-if questions to expose sensitivity to varying marketing spending plans.

What We Do

Pipeline Evaluation

Studying existing channels, tools, processes, data availability, organization, communications, process latency, form fill rates, lead databases, response times, lead conversion rates, opportunity close rates, and inside sales methods to identify problems and capabilities.

Pipeline Enchancement

Modifying and supplementing an existing sales lead pipeline to provide end-to-end visibility.  Can include adding missing data sources, metrics, and reports.

Analysis with Historical Data

Applying a data pull across multiple sources, performing analysis, and preparing ad hoc visualizations that serve as exploratory data analysis to reveal insights for the dataset.  Performing key analyses including next most likely purchase, customer propensity to order, customer acquisition costs, conversion rates, and close rates, all including the lead source (marketing channel) as a dimension.  Using all available historical data.

Custom Glimpse Solution for Analysis

Building a Glimpse solution to perform all the analyses offered with the Analysis with Historical Data, but with automation and real-time data feeds.  Includes a powerful dashboard and real-time what-if sensitivity analysis with optimization.  Establishing connectors to reach multiple data sources including marketing analytics systems and CRM systems, among others.  Glimpse supports both Power BI and Tableau.

Glimpse Solution with Machine Learning Enhancements

Assembling a version of the Custom Glimpse Solution for Analyses that incorporates machine learning models to separate seasonal and event-based effects from lead totals and perform additional in-depth conversion rate forecasting, among other capabilities.

Custom Pipeline Solution with Embedded Solution

Creating a customized pipeline modeling and optimization tool for use within a native CRM or ERP application.

Solutions For All Aspects of Your Business

Our Approach

We help customers examine and optimize sales lead pipelines to reach outstanding sales results with reduced customer acquisition cost

We deliver analysis, coaching, and automated tools to enable customers to understand their pipelines’ strengths and weaknesses.  We make it possible to estimate the lead source yield from each lead source and plan marketing spending that will slash customer acquisition cost and maximize sales revenue.

Study and Discovery

Our Pipeline Evaluation service invests the effort needed to build an in-depth understanding of all aspects of your sales lead pipeline.  The evaluation includes the discovery of critical processes, data sources, communication issues, lead sources, and customer acquisition costs.

Analysis and Modeling

We build high-fidelity models that can be used for analysis with historical data and for use with Glimpse-based solutions.  With these faithful models, we can be confident that insights gained will translate to marketing dollars saved and additional customers onboarded.

Data Acquisition

Our data team makes a concerted effort to identify the true source of data for each element needed for your sales lead pipeline analysis and works with the organization’s staff to secure access to the data. In addition, with Glimpse solutions, the team sets up connectors that provide sophisticated data transformation and cleaning.

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