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98.5% of our projects have been delivered on time on budget over the past 30 years. We help organizations using proven solution delivery techniques, knowledge, and skills around planning, communication, coordination, scheduling, cost control, etc. for successful delivery of programs and projects to meet stakeholders’ strategic interests

Our principals and our management team come from large technology and consulting firms. From years of big firm experience, we have developed a delivery methodology in which we measure our success by the success of our customers. Over 82% of our customers have been bonused or promoted because of our successful project and program delivery.  At Blackstone + Cullen, we believe our solutions should provide immediate business value and positive impact on your 

business.  We work with you to understand your business, objectives and current challenges.  From this understanding we develop a sustainable solution to address those challenges and jointly plan the implementation. By including your team and ours in task assignments and a solid communication plan, we ensure a successful engagement and a positive experience. Following our project management principles, we have delivered 98.5% on-time and on-budget projects over 30 years.

How We Help Clients

Program / Project Assessment

We help organizations conduct an end-to-end project assessment to understand the scope, scale, deliverables, and overall objectives of the project. This involves assessing the project stakeholders, risk, timeline, and impacted groups and processes. We also provide program assessments that focus on scope, scales, objectives, risks, and deliverables to multiple projects. This knowledge allows our clients to better develop and implement project management and change management deliverables that are critical to support the project and make it successful.

Design / Plan a Solution

Our team jointly assesses your specific situation to ensure we clearly understand your desired outcome. Then, we will create a joint project plan with your team and our team working together.  All our work is pre-approved by both parties. Then, we will jointly develop a solid project plan based on desired outcome and budget. Finally, models and prototypes are designed, built, tested, revised, and refined until the desired outcome is reached.

Drive Implementation

Our team works jointly with the client to facilitate the implementation of a defined strategic plan. We work with organizations to facilitate smooth collaboration between teams and staff, keep everyone on track, ensure the core benefits get delivered, and follow the shortest path to the desired outcome.

Provide Project Management Resources

We provide skilled Program and Project Managers in multiple industries throughout the world. Our Program Managers oversee and coordinate with different products, projects, and strategic initiatives to fulfill business strategy. Our Project Managers oversee complex project workstreams from inception to completion by planning, organizing, and directing completion of specific projects while ensuring the projects are on time, on budget, and within scope.

Ultimate Solution Experience - USX™

We provide the Ultimate Solution Experience by guiding you through the process of delivering an experience that will deliver a competitive advantage to your customer, your company, and your career. We can provide entire cross-functional teams that will work from the strategy and planning phases through the complete global deployment of your global solution experience. In addition, we will help you measure and improve your customers’ solution experiences.

What We Do

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Strategy and Prioritization

Mapping a broad roadmap of sectors and functions within the enterprise most worthy of analysis and most central to the organization’s goals.

Data Acquisition

Working with enterprise staff and external sources to gain access to and acquire data necessary for initial modeling and analysis and continuing access to support subsequent production applications that implement concepts gained from modeling and analysis.

Opportunity Discovery

Exploring the map of critical functions and identifying specific opportunities that join business problems, data sources, and analysis and optimization methods to estimate the potential strategic value of each opportunity.  Creating an initial portfolio of high-value opportunities.

Project Management Office (PMO) Implementations

Developing and designing PMO best practices for dozens of federal, state, and private industry organizations. Focusing on implementing a PMO strategy which can drive business value and positively impact the overall success of your projects to drive your business strategy and enhance your competitive advantage.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Designing and implementing a PPM strategy which will help you select and manage an optimal portfolio of projects. Designing strategies to maximize your organizations revenue, responsiveness, and impact on business values while keeping your portfolio of projects aligned with the company’s strategic business goals.

Project Leadership

Ensuring a successful PMO with our Project Management Professional (PMP) certified project managers who understand the challenges and best practices. A project manager at Blackstone+Cullen is not only very skilled and experienced with project management best practices, but also have technical backgrounds and strong business acumen.

Project Engagement

Developing jointly a project charter or business case with your key project personnel. Identifying the Business Need, Benefits, Critical Success Factors, Measures of Success, Approach, Scope, Deliverables, Cost Estimates, Project Control Strategies, a Work Breakdown Structure and a Communications and Issue Resolution Plan.

Project Approach & Methodology

Adapting to your methodology of preference whether Waterfall, Agile, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) – they each have their own merits and challenges. Delivering business value to your organization in the quickest manner possible. We have even created one – Responsible Agile.

Project Communications

Utilizing a communication framework which outlines communications by persona and will includes purpose, cadence, knowledge/skill requirements, and typical usage patterns to ensure the team is informed, aligned and ready to execute.

Solutions For All Aspects of Your Business

Our Approach

We lead our clients in the successful delivery of large, complex programs and projects that meet the organization’s strategic goals and objectives

Proper project planning and our project charter provide the foundation for success. We begin our engagements with a jointly developed project plan including our team members and yours. Then, each week, we review progress and make note of any scope and work assignment changes. We then jointly approve a rolling two week plan before work begins. Our ultimate goal is to get you a promotion or bonus based on the success of our engagement and successful delivery.


Identifying opportunities of change with stakeholders and determining if a new program/project needs to be created or can be incorporated into an existing program/project.


Defining and documenting a business case, requirements, and deliverables for a successful program/project that will be utilized from start-up to completion.


Identifying and implementing resources, establishing processes, setting up infrastructure, and establishing milestones and goals.


Executing all the of the program and all its constituent projects by managing the project and resources, communicating across teams and stakeholders, monitoring progress, and auditing deliverable.


Reviewing the program, completing a performance analysis, and performing a quality assessment to close out a program/project once all the deliverables are completed and business benefits realized.

Sectors We Serve

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Quality Focused, Result Driven

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Project/Program Management

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Project/Program Management

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Project/Program Management

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