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We help organizations with complex problems build robust analytical and simulation models to provide insights and enable optimization that delivers exceptional business value

Exceptional organizations extend their competitive advantage by taking a fiercely aggressive approach to modeling and analyzing their products, services, markets, finances, and operations with the most powerful tools available.   Insights gained deliver larger market share, reduced costs, greater productivity, and bottom-line growth.

A robust, well-designed model enables use of a powerful toolkit that includes classic operations research algorithms for optimization, simulation, statistical analysis, time series analysis, and machine learning.  If beating analysts’ expectations is the goal, then using modeling and analytics is the winning approach.

How We Help Clients

Research and Define the Opportunity

We help organizations define the problems and opportunities that offer excellent ROI and tractable solutions.  We cross organizational boundaries to identify the issues, locate the data, and then assess the potential business value, models, and methods to deliver that real value.

Lead Model Development and Analysis

We lead data acquisition, exploratory data analysis, and model formulation to provide a foundation for analysis and optimization.  We work with business owners to validate the models developed, understand the insights gained, and help apply the lessons learned.

Drive Change Implementation

Our team of modelers, analysts, data scientists, and project managers will translate changes from modeling and optimization into change in your enterprise.  We combine on-site engagement with remote support to work with your data scientists, analysts, business owners, and executive sponsors. 

What We Do

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Program Management

Helping organizations assess their readiness to adopt, adapt, and leverage AI tools to achieve lasting and transformational business outcomes.  Assessing across many aspects that are essential ingredients for success including technical, cultural, and leadership readiness elements.

Performance Assessment

Examining existing tuned applications and processes to ascertain the ongoing appropriateness of the models used and the business value of the outcomes achieved.

Opportunity Discovery

Exploring the map of critical functions and identifying specific opportunities that join business problems, data sources, and analysis and optimization methods to estimate the potential strategic value of each opportunity.  Creating an initial portfolio of high-value opportunities.

Data Acquisition

Working with enterprise staff and external sources to gain access to and acquire data necessary for initial modeling and analysis and continuing access to support subsequent production applications that implement concepts gained from modeling and analysis.

Modeling and Analysis

Analyzing the business problem to build a model representing the problem accurately and allows for analysis and optimization where desired.  Including simulation analysis where appropriate and sensitivity analysis for many types of models.

Supply Chain Analysis

Analyzing end-to-end supply chain composition to identify most significant vulnerabilities that require mitigation planning, from alternate sourcing and routing to product hierarchy and substitution planning.  Optimizing to minimize inventory cost or transshipment cost.

Marketing Pipeline Analysis

Defining a marketing and sales pipeline model to enable optimization of marketing spend and sales effort.

Strategy and Prioritization

Mapping a broad roadmap of sectors and functions within the enterprise most worthy of analysis and most central to the organization’s goals.

Quality Focused, Result Driven

Our Approach

We lead to discover problems that can translate into high-value opportunities for strategic improvement

Our straightforward approach first develops a portfolio of high-value opportunities. We choose modeling and analysis projects from the portfolio with the greatest and most transformational value to the enterprise.  Some models support sensitivity or what-if analysis going forward to assess business policy.  Other similar models are designed for optimization to reveal the best possible operating conditions or policies.

Opportunity Discovery

The most transformative modeling and analysis initiatives begin with a strategic roadmap and opportunity discovery to find problems and opportunities that offer great value to the business, solve real business problems, and offer tractable formulations.

Data and EDA

Securing access to clean, accurate, and timely data is a primary concern of modeling and analysis problems.  When the data is secured, EDA (exploratory data analysis) reveals the quality of the solution that can be achieved and the types of methods that will offer the best analysis and optimization. 

Modeling and Analysis

Modeling and analysis work together as an iterative process that enables successive refinement for the fastest convergence to a robust model and testable analytical results.  Simulation modeling or analytical modeling may be chosen, depending on the complexity of the data set and the nature of the results required.

Application Implementation and Performance Monitoring

The power of modeling and analysis is often best realized through automation or implementation of results within a production application.  In any case, automation scripts and applications must be monitored for performance to enable re-tuning of models as needed.

Sectors We Serve

Solutions For All Aspects of Your Business

Impact Stories

Global IT Strategy - Customer and Revenue Focused

Due to the rapidly changing technology, funding challenges, and conflicting priorities, it is critical to have and IT strategy in place that provides a roadmap to follow. This is even more essential for a global organization. Discover how Blackstone + Cullen was able to provide a global IT strategy for Merial, a manufacturer of world-leading pharmaceutical products and vaccines for pets.

What-If Analysis for Call Centers

What-if analysis provides the ability to compare different scenarios and their potential outcomes based on fluctuating conditions. Einstein Analytics and Tableau SF are just some of the tools that can be utilized to show data interdependencies for key outcomes. Learn more about how Blackstone + Cullen worked with Norfolk Southern Railway Company on their what-if analysis for their call center.

Delivering the Enterprise What-If Capability

Organizations are always looking for more insight out of their reports and dashboards. What-if analysis can deliver exactly that. Discover how to maximize the capabilities of Power BI or Tableau, and how they can be used with advanced what-if analysis to help you answer not only "What happened?" but "What could happen?" and deliver an optimized yet dynamically configurable business scenario models.

Increase Rental Fleet Utilization Using an Artificial Intelligence Engine

Artificial Intelligence has become a large part of our lives and will continue to grow. AI can provide your organization with improved reliability, higher quality work, and increased and consistent output. Blackstone + Cullen created a near real-time AI Engine capable of fulfilling orders from the optimum location for Sunbelt Rentals.

Data and Analytics Transformation Roadmap

Everyone has heard the expression "Garbage in, garbage out." Even with the best tools in place, good data is critical to perform data analysis on business information. Blackstone + Cullen worked with Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta to clean up their back-end data so their Business Intelligence tools could provide useful and accurate information.
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