ERP and CRM Implementation

We plan and implement upgraded and revitalized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to integrate enterprise processes and customer-facing activities.  The upgraded or migrated systems enable quick response to the changing business environment and deliver support for new business capabilities and improved value streams

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations and upgrades are one of the most significant challenges to the operations of agile companies of every size, market, and location.   

Modern ERP and CRM systems offer irresistible applicability and the capability to integrate with many other enterprise systems and business processes.  This power makes them the lifeblood of the enterprise and the core of operations.  From sales and marketing to supply chain and manufacturing, ERP and CRM systems power the modern enterprise. 

These facts demonstrate why it is essential to select a team with experience, discipline, and professionalism to plan and manage ERP and CRM system implementations, migrations, and upgrades. 

Outages, loss of data quality, and degraded performance often result from problematic ERP and CRM implementations.  Trouble looms when schedules are underestimated, the amount of work required is not appreciated, or when a shortcut bypasses a methodical and time-tested approach. 

Teams that start with a realistic schedule and resource plan and use a successful template that features planned milestones and deliverables are far more likely to deliver a migration that meets expectations with an implementation that deftly supports business operations across the enterprise.   

How We Help Clients

Implementation Planning

When performing crm and erp implementation projects, we start by conducting requirements and technical analysis to develop an implementation plan for the new upgrade, migration, or erp and crm implementation.

We perform a gap analysis to identify any missing requirements compared to the desired end state. Next, we build a comprehensive project plan based on our proven templates, including detailed staffing and risk analysis. A key deliverable is a customized dashboard that presents project steps and milestones in an easy-to-understand visual format.

We also catalog and model the data sources, mapping out the ETL (extract, transform, load) needed to acquire data securely and perform any complex transformations required to provide the needed data elements. Finally, we plan the secure data acquisition architecture and workflow for the required ETL on that data.

Assessment and Requirements Design

When beginning a crm implementation project, we lead a thorough assessment to characterize the as-is ERP or CRM system and understand the desired future system and intended use cases. This detailed evaluation covers specifics of the system, system data, business processes and workflows, queries and reports, interfaces, and use cases. We also explore security, supporting infrastructure, and any specific shortcomings of the current system.

Then we work closely with our client’s business team and stakeholders to develop comprehensive requirements for the CRM upgrade, migration or new crm and erp integration implementation. The requirements gathering process is crucial to ensure we fully understand the client’s needs for the new CRM system and integration with existing ERP systems.

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During a crm implementation project, we follow the detailed project plan and milestones to deliver a successful erp and crm integration.

We develop any needed custom code, migrate existing customizations, install and test third-party software components, and build integrations between the new CRM and legacy ERP systems.

Throughout the implementation, we continually engage end-users to validate that the solution meets their needs and fulfills the original requirements. This user-centered approach ensures the final CRM implementation delivers the functionality, integrations and user experience required for an impactful business solution.

Data Migration

A key part of any ERP or CRM implementation project is developing and guiding the data migration plan to retain existing production, product, inventory, customer, and other critical data in a form usable for the new system.

For CRM implementations, we pay special attention to properly migrating customer data from any legacy CRM or sales systems to avoid losing relationship history and insights.

When migrating to a new ERP, we ensure all inventory, supply chain, manufacturing, and financial data is moved to the new system accurately and without loss. A complexity is mapping data from the single source of truth systems of record into the new integrated ERP and CRM solution.

Our data migration experience enables us to work through these complex transformations smoothly, validating the data along the way. The result is a successful data migration that positions our clients for an impactful ERP or CRM go-live.

Program Management

We establish a project management office PMO to coordinate and manage the implementation, upgrade, or migration project.  We work to ensure alignment with corporate processes and standards and endeavor to identify and overcome any remaining gaps to ensure success.  We staff the PMO with a veteran project manager and experienced team and provide an implementation or migration template.  We adapt the template for our client’s specific implementation. 

What We Do

Global ERP and CRM Systems Consolidation

We have extensive experience consolidating diverse ERP and CRM systems across global sites. This requires studying the unique landscape of crm and erp systems at each location. We gather comprehensive cross-site requirements and build an integration plan that unifies business processes while allowing for regional differences.

The crm and erp integration implementation focuses on migrating legacy data into the new consolidated platform. Testing and training at each site ensures user adoption. Our methodology smoothly consolidates disparate crm and erp into a unified global solution tailored to the organization’s needs.

Implementation of a New ERP or CRM System

Our approach to CRM implementation and CRM/ERP integration covers assessing current systems, gathering requirements, solution design, data migration, customizations, integrations, testing, and training. We focus requirements on optimizing key processes and workflows. Smooth data migration from legacy systems is crucial for retaining valuable data.

We leverage proven methods to transform and integrate data between CRM and ERP. Extensive user acceptance testing validates the integrated solution meets requirements before go-live. Our comprehensive methodology delivers successful CRM implementation and integration with ERP systems.

Upgrade or Migration

Migrating to the latest version of an ERP or CRM system or converting from a different system.  Assessing use cases, workflows, and required integrations.  Designing requirements and a project plan.  Implementing a new system, transforming data, re-establishing integrations, configuring customizations, and testing. 


Preparing an upgrade, implementation, migration by evaluating workflows, data, customizations, platforms, and requirements to identify readiness issues, missed requirements, and technical challenges. 

Requirements Design

Working with business users and stakeholders to document current and intended use casesworkflows, data, and integrations required for implementation, upgrade, or migration.  Specifying data transformation needed and identifying customizations required. 

Deliver Data Access and Reporting During ERP and CRM Migrations

Overcoming interim data availability and latency problems arising from a delayed or stalled ERP or CRM migration with prompt delivery of consolidated data feeds, data transformation, and reporting. 

Program Management

Establishing a PMO and staffing the PMO with experienced staff.  Adopting standards and a project management methodology and practices for an implementation. 

Solutions For All Aspects of Your Business

Our Approach to

ERP and CRM Implementation

We follow a disciplined approach with defined milestones and linked deliverables. This approach makes it possible to master complex business problems and deliver business results.

We manage ERP and CRM implementations against a program plan with defined milestones that link to specific deliverables.  This process enables us to decompose even the most complex ERP or CRM project into meaningful and understandable tasks.   

Program Management

We establish a PMO, project governance, and project teams to maintain an orderly deployment process that meets expectations and respects budget goals. 

Assessment and Discovery

We work with the client team to understand the nature of existing problems.  We evaluate problem impacts on business results to help prioritize work.   We examine existing systems, security, supporting infrastructure, and surrounding business processes.  We map existing business processes, workflows, and interactions.   We establish the single source of truth for every key data element in the implementation, migration, or upgrade.  We review any existing Business Capability Model to ensure alignment. 

Requirements Development

We work with our client’s business team and stakeholders to design future processes to deliver business value.  We build and document business requirements from facts from our system and business process reviews.  The requirements clearly define the functional performance expected from the planned implementation.  We consider complexity, risk, and business value in this process. 

Establish Business Configuration

We model the organization’s users, teams, roles, and connections between those teams and processes.  

Implementation Planning and Design

We review business requirements and perform a careful technical analysis to develop a system implementation plan for the new implementation, upgrade, or migration.  With a critical review, we create a gap analysis to identify missing requirements or other issues.  We produce an issues list that remains open until project completion.  We develop an updated project plan, staffing analysis, and risk analysis.  We also use our proprietary getting stuff done dashboard that presents project steps in an easy-to-understand visual format. 

Data Migration

We develop and guide data migration and transformations to ensure that we retain existing supply chain, production, product, inventory, and customer data in a form usable for the newly upgraded or implemented ERP or CRM system.  Data migrated is derived from single source of truth data sources.  This step can include the integration of data from new sources. 

Implementation, Construction, and Configuration

We implement according to the key planned milestones and linked deliverables that enable us to master complex projects.  We develop custom code, migrate customizations, install and test third-party software components, and perform needed system integrations during construction.   We join with end-users at each stage of the implementation to ensure that the implementation fulfills expectations. 

User Acceptance Testing

We implement the new ERP or CRM system in a sandbox and engage with business users to find and fix bugs, needed changes, and usability issues identified during user acceptance testing. 

Initial Deployment

We supervise a cutover to go live with the new ERP or CRM implementation for a limited portion of the organization.  During this time, we work with our client’s support team to monitor, track, and resolve issues for the initial deployment 

Post Implementation Analysis

We review the ERP or CRM performance and process integration impacts to inform steps needed for the final deployment.  Some implementations require configuration or code changes at this stage. 

Final Deployment

We guide a final deployment to the entire organization, ensuring that deployment information is shared across the enterprise to ensure business continuity. 

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