Data Delivery and Transformation

We enable direct access to clean, authoritative data from many enterprise systems and transform the data into actionable information for data feeds and intelligent management and planning dashboards

What do you mean by data transformation?

Agile companies that are well-prepared to survive rapidly changing markets and supply chain challenges need rapid access to information gathered and transformed from systems across the entire enterprise.   

That information must be combined and presented in a way that makes decision-making easy, reliable, and impactful. 

The transformational capability must include machine learning and business rule tools to supply highly intelligent prediction, forecasting, and classification capabilities to yield prescriptive outputs. 

Direct access to combined data supports management during extended ERP and CRM migrations.

Direct access is also an excellent solution for mergers and acquisitions where systems are not yet integrated and rationalized. 

Companies migrating to Oracle Netsuite, SAP Hana, Salesforce, or any other CRM or ERP system can take advantage of our data delivery and transformation tools to retain or gain control of the enterprise while awaiting completion of the migration or upgrade.   

Enterprises awaiting delivery of a data lake or data warehouse can also get immediate benefit from a combined and consolidated data feed and dashboards. 

How We Help Clients

Assessment of Data Requirements and Sources

We help leadership define the most critical business intelligence needed to achieve meaningful business outcomes and solve significant challenges.  We challenge leadership to imagine beyond day-to-day concerns and consider the strategic possibilities offered by powerful data transformations and machine learning tools.  With this understanding in place, we help identify the essential data needed to drive critical decisions and find the single source of truth for each data element. 

Data Assembly

We catalog and model the data sources and map the transformation needed to deliver needed data elements, using single source of truth data as a foundation to ensure that the data produced is timely and authoritative. 

We build secure data acquisition and complex transformations that combine data into a valuable stream of knowledge to drive insightful dashboards to create data feeds for critical downstream systems. 

AI and Business Rules Engine

We build machine learning models and business rule engines to intake the assembled data.  The models and engines create advanced forecasts, classifications, and prescriptive outcomes that can often far exceed deductions available from an ordinary visual review. 

Campaign Design and Implementation

We design a wide variety of campaigns and supporting end to end data delivery solutions to drive them.   Examples include channel marketing campaigns to maximize partner success and shop floor productivity campaigns designed to improve process yield

Application Development

Our skilled development team delivers customized solutions that leverage our data acquisition and transformation skills.  We provide data feeds, specialized dashboards with predictive and prescriptive analytics, and ordering, scheduling, and process control applications.  We also build data stores for ad hoc reporting. 

What We Do - Data Delivery and Transformation

Passengers, commuters and business travellers rushing around and waiting for trains and planes

Product Traceability

Gathering data feeds to track products from piece parts to serialized ready-to-ship finished goods, including supplier, facility, process, and operator information.  Building pipeline tracking to visualize product delivery through a partner channel to a distributor and finally to an end customer.  

Improve Operational Business Processes

Bringing process, warehouse, and shop floor data to a tabular and graphical representation with a visual perspective that extends across the enterprise.  

Capture Customer Feedback and Manage Incidents

Gathering customer feedback, CSAT, net promoter, and incident data from web pages, shopping carts, and mobile apps.  Combining captured data in an intuitive and actionable presentation.  

Intelligent Lead Distribution to Partners

Connecting a machine learning-based assignment tool to sales, marketing, and partner management systems to deliver each lead to the channel partner most likely to close the deal. 

Data Collection and Reporting for Compliance

Combining data from multiple systems to provide tracking and process assurance for compliance reporting and enforcement. 

Channel Management

Developing a global channel partner management system with real-time data collection, scorecards, and dashboards for up to a million channel partners, with customized views for use by staff and by partners. 

Transform Data to Forecast Next Most Likely Purchase

Developing customer maturity models and combining the models with customer, product, and sales data from multiple systems to produce an accurate and dynamic next most likely purchase forecast.  Includes updating sales quotas and generating lead assignments from the forecast of next most likely purchases 

Integrate Data Sources for Executive Reporting

Integrating data from multiple data sources, applying transformative business rules, and presenting unified business performance reports for executives. 

Consolidated Reporting for Mergers and Acquisition

Accelerating access to consolidated reporting that spans the merged enterprise immediately following a merger or acquisition.  Consolidating data from systems in each entity and building dashboards and reports with data transformations that provide a comprehensive view across the combined organizations.  

Deliver Data Access and Reporting During ERP and CRM Migrations

Overcoming data availability and latency problems arising from an ERP or CRM migration with consolidated data feeds, data transformation, and reporting. 

Solutions For All Aspects of Your Business

Our Approach

We combine and transform single source of truth data from many systems and deliver intelligent dashboards with powerful new perspectives to master complex business problems

We first characterize the business problem to be solved through data delivery and transformation. Then, we identify data sources and conversions needed, set up acquisition, and build transformations.  These can include machine learning solutions or business rule engines. Finally, we make outbound data feeds to serve as data sources and assemble dashboards to answer the business questions and provide what-if sensitivity analysis. 

Identify Essential Data Requirements

We characterize the business questions to be addressed with combined, transformed data. Then, we identify the output needed – dashboards, feeds, or API access to the combined data.   

Catalog and Model Data Sources

Understanding the data requirements, we catalog and model the data sources that provide the single sources of authoritative data needed. We also take note of any existing data feeds that we can leverage for reuse. 

Set Up the Data Acquisition

We work with data source owners to set up access to data.  We work to validate our data models and to ensure that the frequency and update frequency are as modeled.   

Design Data Transformations

Data transformations can include dozens of types of conversions and changes.  The transformations can range from number format changes and date and currency conversions to complex nonlinear mathematical transformations. 

Build AI and Business Rule Components

Some business solutions require AI components or a business rules engine to make forecasts or classifications to add to outbound data feeds or dashboards.  Classical uses include fraud detection, credit terms recommendations, and sales forecasting. 

Build Feeds and Dashboards

We build intelligent dashboards and outbound data feeds (where needed) from the combined transformed data and the added machine learning or business rule additions derived from the transformed data.  The dashboards typically report historical data and enable what-if analysis of future outcomes as well. 

Test and Validate

End-to-end testing helps us ensure that we are delivering timely and accurate information.  We test our dashboards and outbound data feeds to ensure interoperability and data validity. 

Quality Focused, Result Driven

Sectors We Serve

Impact Stories

Improved Insight & Increased Accuracy of Guest Feedback

Understanding your customer's experience is crucial in not only meeting your customer's needs and creating customer loyalty, but also in driving your organization's revenue. Blackstone + Cullen increased Arby's accuracy in routing of customer incidents generating an increase in productivity.

Helping to Define Process, Procedures, and Focus

As a company continues to expand, growing pains can arise if the infrastructure does not support its size. The faster the growth, the more severe the growing pains can be. Learn more about how Blackstone + Cullen helped Incomm, the leading provider of private labeled prepaid phone cards for telecom carriers in the US, work through their growing pains.

Global Lead Allocation Across All Business Units

Getting the right lead to the right partner to close the deal the quickest and with maximum customer satisfaction is he holy grail of lead generation. The partner you gave the lead to yesterday, is not the partner you might give that same lead to today. There are about 50 parameters that must be constantly measured using AI algorithms to make sure you are maximizing customer satisfaction and profitability through your partner channel.

Increase Sales Quota by Identifying Next Most Likely Purchase

Companies with the ability to predict a customer's next most likely purchase have a powerful advantage. From having the ability to predict what will be purchased and when, Blackstone + Cullen works with companies to prescribe the next steps taken to close the order, links marketing activities to the specific sales deal and substantially increasing close rate by running the process daily on all deals.

Reduction in Time to Create Monthly Business Review

Everyone is familiar with the expression "Time is Money." Blackstone + Cullen works with companies like Microsoft to eliminate wasted time and reduce time to delivery. Find out how we can help your company achieve the most for your money in the least amount of time.
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