Contact Center Performance Analytics and Optimization

We help organizations seeking solutions to increase demand for more adaptable service alternatives, improved omnichannel customer experiences, and robust analytical and simulation models to provide insights and enable optimization that delivers exceptional business value

Contact Centers need to make constant adjustments to agent engagement practices, team collaboration, agent training, and other aspects of the business while preserving outstanding customer experience.   At the same time, consumers expect to seek solutions to their problems through several distinct channels, including digital and self-service.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools can unlock your contact centers’ performance potential, allow a more seamless customer experience, increase employee engagement and satisfaction, and open adaptability options for streamlined and uninterrupted service functions.

How We Help Clients

Reserach and Define High-Value Opportunities

We cross organizational boundaries to study and characterize contact center processes and problems, locate the data and data flows, and assess and document the potential business value for each analytics and performance optimization opportunity to create a portfolio for improvement.

Build the Winning Roadmap

Our team builds a prioritized roadmap that shows the high-value analytics and performance optimization opportunities. We define the models, methods, data capabilities, and operational constructs involved to create a portfolio of well-detailed opportunities.

Implement Valuable Analytics and Performance Optimization Solutions

We build analytics and performance optimization solutions, including leading efforts that include people, data, processes, and customers in the solution. Our solutions translate to lower cost, better customer experience, higher customer retention, and better support for business owners and core business processes.

What We Do

”Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most”

Assess Contact Center Performance

Performing a detailed performance assessment for an omnichannel contact center covering analysis of customer issues, channels, support tiers, processes, tools, team communication, dashboards, reports, and integrations.

Omnichannel Contact Center Analytics

Building advanced analytics systems that offer contact center leadership robust data solutions to monitor and assess agent performance.  Dashboards and user interfaces allow call center agents and supervisors to acquire real-time updates on client experiences across the operational functions.

AI-Assisted Solution Knowledge Base

Developing an AI-assisted solution knowledge base to allow agents to benefit from innovative knowledge management and machine learning solutions.  The solutions help agents find the best answer faster.  Quick access to answers benefits AHT and FCR while driving a better customer experience.  In addition, knowledge base queries can be analyzed to guide training topics tailored to the actual needs of individual agents.

Integrating Analytics Across Contact Centers

Gathering requirements for integrating analytics and processes across multiple contact centers.  Assembling and integrating tools and data models across the organization to build and present consolidated analytics across multiple contact centers.

Contact Center Redesign

Analyzing current contact center operations, staffing, traffic, productivity, cost, and performance analytics.  Redesigning the contact center to optimize performance, improve manageability, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce cost.

Program and Project Management

Guiding contact center improvement initiatives to a successful, under budget, and on-time completion.

Our Approach

We guide our clients to contact center designs that are simpler, more productive, and easier to manage.

Before implementing contact center redesign, we follow a well-defined review approach that is both direct and simple.

Identify Customers and Stakeholders

We work to understand customers served and stakeholders involved with the contact center.  This process step includes identifying customer expectations and stakeholder interests.

Audit Operations

We review all contact center operations aspects.  This audit covers processes, staffing, customer interactions, provisions for quality, training, feedback, and performance incentives.

End to End Data Review

We do an in-depth exploration of data, data sources and systems, metrics, and management reporting for the contact center.

Model and Analyze

We model and analyze the structure, processes, and operations of the contact center.  With a model in place, we can apply what-if analysis, simulations, and optimizations.  These analyses yield actionable insights.

Root Cause Analysis

We examine the root causes behind the most common classes of cases.  Then, we search for those few issues that create large numbers of cases in hopes that some may be amenable to customer self-service.


We develop a prioritized Improvement roadmap that addresses specific implementation steps

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