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We enable clients to examine their channel management framework and build a prioritized roadmap to reach their goals. We bring a complete set of robust channel solutions to transform our client's channel management from among the more than 300 that we have already delivered

Channel Management market leaders in all industries pursue competitive advantage in their market through continuous improvement and optimization of the joint channel and partner go-to-market framework.  We measure every step and analyze every what-if scenario using data from many sources across the enterprise. 

A solid methodology for examining partner readiness, capabilities, competencies, profitability, capacity, customer satisfaction, partner satisfaction, domain expertise, 

ability to close the business, among other factors, is used to assign very critical customer project opportunities to the right partner.  

Because of situational dynamics, the best partner choice will vary from deal to deal.  Machine learning tools can help choose the right channel partner and maximize success.

How We Help Clients

Research and Define the Business Scenario

We assess our client’s current go-to-market channel strategy and channel marketing program maturity.  We identify transformations needed to optimize the program and build a prioritized roadmap for long-term success in the Channel Management Program.

Drive Channel Transformation

Our team combines the domain knowledge of go-to-market channel strategy with the deep solution delivery expertise to transform our client’s channel marketing program to deliver expected revenue expansion on an ongoing basis.

Guide Results with Expert Project Management

Our experienced and fully qualified program and project managers ensure that project requirements accurately reflect project goals and enable projects to meet expectations and scheduled delivery dates. 

Since 1989, we have delivered projects on time and within budget with a success rate exceeding 98.5%.

Lead Channel Go to Market Scenario Design

With a prioritized roadmap in place, we work with the client team to validate the priorities and details of a channel management scenario.  We lead data acquisition and model formulation to enable what-if analysis.  We build dashboards, controls, and data displays and work with our clients to ensure that the scenario model delivers valuable and actionable business insights.

What We Do

Strategy and Prioritization

Delivering a prioritized roadmap to success built from a set of channel business scenarios critical to the success of a world-class channel management framework.

Partner Lead Management and Deal Velocity

Building a framework to control the distribution of leads to partners in a way that minimizes the deal time in the pipeline and delivers maximum customer satisfaction.

Partner Benchmarking

Improving the capability to assess and compare individual partner’s performance across multiple success criteria and provide reliable guidance to future performance.

Channel Management Performance

Enhancing channel performance management processes through more efficient and effective planning, forecasting, analysis, reporting, and predictive modeling.

Partner Account Management

Delivering a single set of business rules spanning all areas of channel partner management for each go-to-market channel.  Aligning Field, Channel Marketing, and Corporate Management behind a single partner planning and execution tools framework and business processes to support channel growth strategies.

Customized View of Partners in Portfolio for Partner Team Role

Defining a cross-enterprise channel management scenario model and connecting data sources from across the enterprise.  Providing a unified partner performance reporting and what-if analysis tool to enable informed control and performance modeling and management.  Includes role-based views of the channel partner using the same core data to provide actionable insights.

Specialized Partner Account Manager Views

Building specialized data and advanced analytics views to enable the Partner Account Manager to exercise successful operational control of the partner relationship and optimally align partners and opportunities.  Shows details of partner capacity, velocity, customer satisfaction, ability to deliver, and history of delivery success.

Partner Portal Develoment

Implementing a partner portal to provide partners access to all aspects of the partner management framework.  Including deal registration, training, marketing, and competency sections.  Includes tracking of portal login user identity and purpose of visit for each partner user, with the crucial ability to recognize transition of partner employees between partners by change of employment.

Quarterly Partner Reviews

Preparing and leading or supporting quarterly business reviews with each managed partner’s business plans, sales plans, and marketing plans to confirm their validity and ability to build market penetration, grow channel capacity, and ensure customer satisfaction.  Assisting the Partner Account Manager in preparing the conversation, including mapping relevant prescriptive analytics.

Marketing View of the Channel Partner

Developing a specialized Marketing View of the channel partner to facilitate capacity planning and the onboarding of new partners.  Includes the capability to determine the number of additional partners needed to support quota increases, select partners best able to meet profitability and coverage goals, and identify the field team size required to manage increases in the number of partners. 

Partner Scorecard Dashboard

Delivering a Partner Scorecard Dashboard that enables each partner to review up to 60 metrics and other management information that reflects the partner’s performance in the channel program and compares the partner’s performance to other partners.  Includes security measures to ensure that partners see only their own metrics and ranking information and not that of other partners.

Channel Conflict Mitigation

Establishing rules and tools to enable channel conflict mitigation as needed to capture and resolve partner concerns that arise when an overzealous technical rep removes a partner from a deal registered by the partner and assigns the deal to another partner.  Includes an automated mechanism that provides traceability and a process for informing upper management when deal management is being gamed.

Executive Briefing Channel

Preparing an Executive Briefing to provide executive sponsors with the information they need to prepare for a partner discussion.  Includes information such as partner core data, essential company and partner contacts, commitments, practice summary, revenue, partner profitability, and an opportunity summary.

Operations Account Plan

Designing and implementing operations account plans for each partner to support regular discussions between partner account managers and managed partners.  Includes development of a scorecard dashboard information covering operational KPIs, operational conditions of satisfaction, the working rhythm of the relationships, and operational commitments.

Solutions For All Aspects of Your Business

Our Approach

We begin with a set of channel management solution scenarios perfected over more than 300 successful projects

Capability and Maturity Assessment

We begin with a set of capability and maturity assessment models to provision a world-class Channel Management Program.  We then prioritize and organize a roadmap for the development of the channel program.  As an example of such a roadmap, review the diagram following.  Green represents projects complete, dark blue denotes projects underway, light blue, orange, and purple refer to new projects with high, medium, and low priority.

Data-Driven Discovery and Outcomes

We guide our clients through the channel program development process.  First, we look at the desired outcome, making sure that we ask the right questions to allow deep dive “What-if” analysis.  Then, we ensure that we have the data needed to answer those questions. 

Data Acquisition for the Channel Management Program

Building access to clean, accurate, and timely data is a primary concern for business scenario tool development.  The quality of the what-if sensitivity analysis is entirely dependent on the accuracy and timeliness of the data.  After the data is secured, what-if tools can be developed.

Our approach uses “Common Business Objects” to guarantee that only clean data reaches the data consumption engine.  This approach isolates master data management outside the walls of the data repository.

Business Scenario Modeling

Modeling for the Channel Management Program begins with the assembly of data, controls, and those algorithms that deliver the magic behind the screen. Then, informed analysis determines details from the scaling of inputs to the desired data range for what-if controls, and of course, the complex business scenario that connects all these elements.

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