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We enable organizations to easily explore the detailed impact of alternative business scenarios where we vary process parameters, business policies, staffing levels, and operating conditions to optimize business results. Our robust models, what-if controls, and analytical tools use real-time data and deliver relevant insights

Market-leading companies build competitive advantage through disciplined and continuous optimization and improvement of their methods, tools, processes, sales, and marketing.  Business scenario solution modeling powered by analytical and optimization tools makes it possible to attack complex and challenging problems that don’t yield to ordinary analysis.  Optimizing business processes through data-driven modeling and analysis is key to driving continuous improvement.

A manager or analyst can interact with a well-designed business scenario solution through simple slider controls.  The model itself performs very complicated calculations to deliver realistic what-if answers quickly.  The organization gains valuable insights by integrating data from many different systems.  Business processes can be optimized by leveraging data-driven analytics and modeling to understand impacts of potential changes.

How We Help Clients Vizualize New Business Scenario Solutions

Research and Define the Business Scenario

We help organizations shape complex business scenarios with alternative solutions that show a wide range of ROI variation.  We engage across enterprise boundaries to define the most critical decision variables and locate the data needed to model the business scenario accurately.

Lead Business Scenario Solution Design

We work closely with the client team to validate the character and details of a business scenario.  We lead data acquisition and model formulation to enable what-if analysis.  We build dashboards, controls, and data displays and work with the client to ensure that the scenario model delivers valuable and actionable business insights.

Drive Change Implementation

Our team of modelers, analysts, data scientists, and project managers will translate changes from modeling and optimization into change in your enterprise.  We combine on-site engagement with remote support to work with your data scientists, analysts, business owners, and executive sponsors. 

Guide Results with Expert Project Management

Our experienced and fully qualified program and project managers work to ensure that project requirements accurately reflect project goals and enable projects to meet expectations and scheduled delivery dates.  They also focus on understanding and optimizing key business processes to drive project success.

What We Do

Opportunity Discovery

Exploring the list of critical functions and identifying specific opportunities that join business problems, data sources, and handy what-if controls useful for the business scenario solutions modeling of each opportunity.  Creating an initial portfolio of high-value business scenario modeling opportunities.

Data Acquisition

Working with enterprise staff and external sources to gain access to and acquire data necessary for initial business scenario solutions modeling and continuing access to support any subsequent production applications that implement concepts gained from modeling and analysis.  Access to quality data enables accurate modeling and optimization of key business processes.

Supply Chain Business Scenario

Building business scenario solutions for all aspects of supply chain logistics, including warehouse location, multi-echelon transshipment cost reduction, inventory cost reduction, disruption planning, supplier performance management, fulfillment performance, and DC management.

Marketing Spending Optimization

Analyzing the enterprise sales lead pipeline with  business scenario solutions and acquiring data for lead source, conversion rate, close rates, deal values, and marketing spending by lead source to power what-if controls.  Building controls for performing sensitivity analysis, minimizing customer acquisition cost, and maximizing sales for any marketing spending level.

Strategy and Prioritization

Mapping a specific set of business functions within the enterprise where the ability to apply what-if analysis will be of greatest value to the organization’s goals.  This allows for targeted optimization of core business processes through data-driven modeling and simulation.

Scenario for Mergers & Acquisitions

Defining a cross-enterprise business scenario solutions model and connecting to data sources from among the joined companies to provide a unified reporting and what-if analysis tool to enable informed control and performance management for the merged enterprises.


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Our Approach

We build tools for our clients to research complex business problems and to find those workable solutions that offer the best value

We first research and define a wide variety of business scenarios as they apply to the most critical business functions in the enterprise. Next, we choose the most promising opportunities for what-if tools as defined by value to the organization.  We then build the models and sensitivity analysis tools and develop data feeds that will power a variety of what-if analyses that will deliver the business value.

Opportunity Discovery

The most transformative business scenario modeling initiatives begin with a simple list of critical business functions and opportunity discovery to find the problems and opportunities that offer the highest utility provided by the resulting business scenario tool.  In other words, we seek out the most demanding and most complex problems that are dragging down profits, customer experience, or sustainability of the enterprise.

Data Acquisition

Building access to clean, accurate, and timely data is a primary concern for business scenario tool development.  The quality of the what-if sensitivity analysis is entirely dependent on the accuracy and timeliness of the data.  After the data is secured, what-if tools can be developed.

Business Scenario Modeling

Modeling begins with the assembly of data, controls, and those algorithms that deliver the magic behind the screen. Then, informed analysis determines details from the scaling of inputs to the desired data range for what-if controls, and of course, the complex business scenario that connects all these elements.

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