Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We help organizations choose the right Artificial Intelligence projects and the right approach that combine to deliver transformational business outcomes

Organizations are facing an unprecedented challenge.  Surviving and overcoming competition requires transformation of all aspects of the enterprise with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).  Although the transformation must be accomplished on a speedy timeline, cultural and communication differences 

between business owners and data scientists can impeded progress.  Bridging the differences, surfacing domain and AI knowledge, and joining together the AI artisans and business owners builds a new data-facing culture and unlocks the potential that AI and ML can deliver for the transformed organization.

How We Help Clients

Assess Execution Readiness

We help organizations assess their readiness to adopt, adapt, and leverage AI tools to achieve lasting and transformational business outcomes.  We assess across many aspects that are essential ingredients for success including technical, cultural, and leadership readiness elements.

Upskill Execution Capabilities

Blackstone+Cullen works with executive leadership, line staff, and business owners to de-mystify AI and ML and to provide coaching and resources needed to instill knowledge, confidence, and ability to execute on AI initiatives.  We help rollout tools, capabilities, and performance measures to reinforce the organization’s ability to start, steer, and finish successful AI programs.

Lead AI and ML Implementation

We lead machine learning projects with and for our customers.  We combine on-site engagement with remote support to work with data scientists, analysts, business owners, and executive sponsors.  We lead the way in use case selection and problem definition, exploratory data analysis (EDA), modeling, migration to production, and post-production monitoring.

What We Do

Strategy Development

Building a credible strategy and recognizing the strongest, most valuable, and most practical use cases for AI implementation.  Defining technical, process, and cultural challenges to transformational success and reliable approaches to overcoming each.

Capability Building and Coaching

Upskill training for executives, business owners, IT staff, and developers.  Conducting exploratory sessions to uncover high-value use cases not previously recognized.

Machine Learning and Application Implementation

Use case design, exploratory data analysis (EDA), model building, development, training, and testing.  Support for your IT team in migrating the application to production.  Post-production monitoring and tuning.

AI and ML DevOps Development

Organizing and staffing an AI DevOps capability, the function that is often the missing ingredient in propelling AI projects forward to production success and business value achievement.

Strategy Roll Out

Building and executing on strategy for AI implementation to transform the business.

Program Management

Defining and managing a program plan and PMO to guide transformation.

Our Approach

We lead our clients to success from well-considered strategy through skillful implementation

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We bring people and knowledge together to promote a vision of AI and ML as practical and powerful tools needed to lift all parts of the organization to full competitiveness, not as trendy management tools that may have little impact.  We choose strategic projects with the greatest and most transformational value to the enterprise.

Strategic Prioritization

Strategic prioritization yields outstanding return to effort by finding use cases that offer great value to the business, that solve a real business problem, and that are technically feasible.

Upskilling for Cultural Change

Leaving behind large parts of the organization when embarking on digital transformation ensures program failure and negative attitudes.  Upskilling on a widespread basis for AI and ML awareness and hands-on skills is quick and inexpensive.  Upskilling is also rewarding for team members and effective at surfacing unrecognized but valuable use cases for AI.

Instilling a DevOps Vision

The first AI project, no matter how basic, should establish a process pipeline connecting a use case to production through the DevOps team.  The pipeline will be used repeatedly to migrate updated ML models that are embedded in production code, as well as for moving new projects to production.  The pipeline and DevOps engagement are critical for continued success.

Avoiding Pilots

Pilots are easy to complete but seldom have a lasting business value.  Pilots often fail to engage IT or DevOps until late in the project, often lack committed executive sponsorship, and are often chosen by someone other than an enthusiastic business owner with a real problem to solve.

Avoiding Moonshots

AI programs of massive size have a high failure rate.  These should be decomposed into smaller projects that typically have a much greater success rate.

Sectors We Serve

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Impact Stories

Driving Innovation in Manufacturing

In this case study we examined a toy manufacturer's challenge of rapidly generating diverse toy ideas for children aged zero to five, aiming to assess the profitability and desirability of such an investment.

Global Lead Allocation Across All Business Units

Getting the right lead to the right partner to close the deal the quickest and with maximum customer satisfaction is he holy grail of lead generation. The partner you gave the lead to yesterday, is not the partner you might give that same lead to today. There are about 50 parameters that must be constantly measured using AI algorithms to make sure you are maximizing customer satisfaction and profitability through your partner channel.

Increase Sales Quota by Identifying Next Most Likely Purchase

Companies with the ability to predict a customer's next most likely purchase have a powerful advantage. From having the ability to predict what will be purchased and when, Blackstone + Cullen works with companies to prescribe the next steps taken to close the order, links marketing activities to the specific sales deal and substantially increasing close rate by running the process daily on all deals.

Complex Problem Solving

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