We Measure Our Success on YOUR Success!

Our principals and our management team come from large technology and consulting firms. From years of big firm experience, we’ve developed a delivery methodology in which we measure our success by the success of our customers. At Blackstone+Cullen, we believe our solutions should provide immediate business value and positive impact on your business.

We work with you to understand your business, objectives and current challenges. From this understanding we develop a sustainable solution to address those challenges and jointly plan the implementation. By including your team and ours in task assignments and a solid communication plan, we ensure a successful engagement and a positive experience. Following our project management principles, we can guarantee an on-time and on-budget delivery.

    All of our consultants possess multiple skills to optimize client success with a mission to have our customers promoted or receive a bonus as a result of the work we perform.
    We strive to become your trusted business and technology advisor and understand how they are connected.
    Our key partnerships position us to work with the latest software before its public release. We plan and architect our solutions with a deep knowledge of current industry capability as well as an eye on the future to make sure our recommendations seamlessly integrate into future solutions.
    We begin our engagements with a jointly developed project plan including our team members and yours. Then, each week, we review progress and make note of any scope and work assignment changes. We then jointly approve a rolling two week plan before work begins. Our ultimate goal is to get you a promotion or bonus based on the success of our engagement and successful delivery.

    Proper project planning and our project charter provide the foundation for success.
    To ensure our success and therefore your success, we work with you to define the measures of success before we begin.
    We design solutions that your team can maintain over time.
    All of our consultants are driven to understand the business impact and purpose of the solutions we deliver.
    Experience doesn’t come from understanding a single technology. We expect our consultants to understand multiple platforms for each of their areas of expertise.