News broke last week that Microsoft was putting their money where their Business Intelligence is and has acquired Datazen. Within our own team at Blackstone+Cullen there is always some debate about just what the virtues of the tech world around us are and what it means for business. With all these opinions the best way to share them is through the eyes of each segment.

So, here is what a few of our key players – with very different perspectives – think about the Datazen acquisition by Microsoft….

  • Big Picture – CEO Perspective

    Advantages – “It will force Microsoft to understand the cross platform enterprise data market more so than ever. It allows Microsoft partners to continue to focus on solution delivery instead of the pure technology. Shows significant open mindedness by Microsoft to embrace additional platforms.”

    Lee Blackstone
    Owner & CEO
    Blackstone & Cullen, Inc.

  • Tech Talk – Business Intelligence Developer Perspective

    Advantages – “I think this is a great looking tool well-worth learning more about. It will also be very interesting to see how/if they will blend this into their Power BI offering. Datazen is a compelling business intelligence tool that prioritizes simplicity, user interface, and access via mobile devices. At a high-level, Datazen consists of 3 product elements: Viewer Apps, Publisher App, Datazen Server.”

    Limitations – “Currently, the pricing model is you must own SQL Server Enterprise Edition with active Software Assurance. That is a pretty steep barrier for smaller companies, in my opinion.”

    Lance England
    Senior SQL Developer/Architect, Principal Consultant
    Blackstone & Cullen, Inc.

  • Putting It Together – Principal Perspective

    Advantages – “Datazen’s advantage is (was) that they have a very well written platform agnostic reporting tool that allowed for easy development of reports that would display on many types of devices.”

    Limitations – “The key will be if MS can leverage this advantage in their primary product line and stay platform agnostic while doing so.”

    Hank Harris,
    Blackstone & Cullen, Inc.

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