Infrastructure and Data Center Relocation – On Time, On Budget

All major companies have staff skilled in designing, building and supporting IT infrastructure to run their business. But few, if any, have expertise in migrating the infrastructure and applications to another location without interrupting business operations. Blackstone and Cullen has over two decades of successful management of very large, complex, data center migrations and consolidations requiring 24×7 availability in a wide variety of industries including; Financial, Energy, Transportation, Logistics, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Retail and Medical.

Blackstone and Cullen deliver specialized expertise in all aspects of data center consolidations and migration project management and execution including program and project management, requirement assessments, plan and budget development, infrastructure management, application reconciliation and data, and voice and industrial control network systems migrations. We have firsthand experience migrating operations distributed over many locations using complex networks comprised of copper/fiber, microwave, low band RF and satellite using private and public links.

Blackstone and Cullen performs a thorough assessment of all aspects of the IT environment including facilities, infrastructure inventory reconciliation, applications performance and availability requirements with on-site analysis and automated discovery tools leveraging customer personnel where available to develop a detailed migration plan and budget requiring no or minimal business interruption. We manage to that plan and have a proven track record of on-time and in-budget execution.

    The most important aspect of a successful data center relocation is preparation.  During this phase we meet with your team and collect and validate all documentation of the infrastructure, applications and business requirements of your environment. This process is the foundation of the project and is the basis for the implementation budget, timeline, resource allocation and risk assessment ensuring the smoothest transition possible.  As such, this first step, is vital.

    We provide oversight and guidance for the entire migration and consolidation project. We also provide additional expertise in technical areas as required via our network of skilled, and experienced technicians and project managers in network, server and storage engineering, capacity planning, performance analysis, security and facility optimization.

    Every data center relocation or consolidation project is unique. We customize our design and implementation strategy to optimize the transition for your specific requirements. Our proven strategies maximize your investment in the project and eliminate or reduce down time.

  • CLOUD 
    Running applications in the cloud can be cost effective in many cases and most of our customers have some aspects of their operations running in the cloud. We incorporate cloud solutions from a variety of providers and can migrate operations from on-prem to cloud, one cloud provider to another, or cloud back to on-prem when necessary. We also assist in developing DevOps tools and strategies to optimize cloud operations.