Sean Wood

Principal, Data Science, Analytics, Business Operations

Sean Wood is a visionary leader who harnesses the power of human-centered technology, business, and design to drive digital transformation and create innovative products. With a proven track record as a trusted advisor to global enterprises such as Coca-Cola, AT&T, and IBM, Sean has successfully leveraged AI to enhance customer experiences and generate billions of organic impressions for global brands.

Sean is dedicated to helping SMB executives harness the potential of generative AI to achieve more creative, collaborative, and innovative results. By working closely with leaders and their teams, he empowers organizations to unlock the exponential business value that comes from combining human capabilities with cutting-edge AI technologies.


A catalyst for digital transformation, Sean Wood empowers organizations to unlock exponential business value by leveraging human-centered technology and generative AI. With a track record of success at global enterprises, he now guides SMB executives to harness the power of AI, fostering creativity, collaboration, and innovation.


Sean believes in the powerful combination of human and AI capabilities to deliver exponential business results. He’s motivated by an intense intellectual curiosity to discover revenue and growth.

Sean’s career is a testament to his ability to leverage human-centered technology, business, and design to create new products and transform organizational culture. His expertise as a trusted advisor to global enterprises, includes Coca-Cola, AT&T, Comcast, Cox, IHG, Home Depot, and NCR. As a Design leader at IBM, he spearheaded the Executive adoption of AI to enhance customer experience, highlighting the importance of human investment in digital transformation. His innovative customer strategies at Coca-Cola generated billions of organic impressions to their global brand further solidifying his track record.

Sean’s current mission is helping SMB executives harness the power of generative AI. He works closely with leaders and their teams deliver more creative, collaborative, and innovative results.


Baylor University

B.A, Digital Communications. 




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