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Lee Blackstone is the founder and owner of Blackstone + Cullen. With a career spanning 20+ years working for global companies and 25+ years as an entrepreneur, Lee has a passion for driving client success, measured by the fact that over 80% of our clients’ project owners receive bonuses or promotions because of the solutions we have delivered.  


With broad and deep global industry experience, Lee is uniquely qualified to bring cross-industry solutions to complex problems. As an entrepreneur, his focus has been to assemble a team of “A Players” who have the same passion and drive for ensuring client success by providing elegant solutions to complex problems. 

Lee is the author of Manage Globally Sell Locally, a book based on his experience as one of the prime architects and implementers of the Hewlett-Packard Global Accounts Program.  Blackstone + Cullen was founded in 1989 and focuses on solutions for managing large global account relationships.  Asking what you sold in Atlanta last week is simple, but when your CEO asks, “What’s going on at Exxon?”  That is a different class of question, and management across 200 countries in 24 time zones is a bit daunting. Blackstone + Cullen works with clients every day to deliver a sustained competitive advantage in their market.  

Being an Atlanta native is rare in business. Being a product of the Atlanta Public Schools and Georgia Tech has served him well.  He has served on several boards during his career and has a driving passion for gifted education. 

Lee lives on Lake Lanier with his wife of 40+ years and enjoys spoiling his eight grandchildren. 


With his career assignments and client projects, Lee has had the opportunity to work in virtually every major industry in the world.  Some highlights include: 


“Manage Globally Sell Locally, The Art of Strategic Account Management”  Blackstone+Cullen, August, 1996

“The Ultimate Solution Experience – USX®” Blackstone+Cullen, Edition 6, June 2021

“Big Data Analytics, CIO Review” Blackstone+Cullen, June, 2014

“AI + BI = CI (Customer Experience)” Blackstone+Cullen, May, 2019

“Project Prioritization” Blackstone+Cullen, December, 2017

“The Principal Program” Blackstone+Cullen, March, 2016


Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering

UVA Colgate Darden

HP Executive Program

Brookings Institute

Vistage Member

National Account Marketing Association – Member

Georgia Technology Authority (Supply Chain and Logistics) – Board of Directors




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