Alexis Yelton

Principal, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Innovation, Data Leadership, Cybersecurity Analytics

Alexis is a visionary data science executive who has transformed organizations by building data-driven cultures and high-performing teams. With a unique blend of technical depth and strategic vision, she has a proven track record of delivering impactful AI/ML solutions across industries, from media and advertising to cybersecurity.

Throughout her career, Alexis has consistently delivered measurable business results. As VP of Data and Marketing Technology, she built the data infrastructure and teams that powered analytics across the enterprise, reducing costs by 80%. In cybersecurity, she rapidly scaled ML-driven threat detection, significantly enhancing customer value. And in AdTech, her innovative ML models for predicting TV audience engagement landed a $4M contract with a major network.


Alexis, a data science luminary, revolutionizes industries by assembling elite teams and orchestrating transformative AI/ML breakthroughs. Her visionary leadership and technical acumen have slashed costs, fortified cybersecurity, and catapulted organizations to the forefront of innovation, all while fostering a culture of data-driven excellence.


As a data science executive, Alexis is a proven leader in building successful data organizations. Her blend of technical expertise and strategic vision drives business transformation through analytics, machine learning, and AI. She excels at developing high-performing teams and fostering innovative, data-driven cultures.

As VP of Data and Marketing Technology, Alexis created the enterprise data vision and built the AWS/Snowflake infrastructure powering organization-wide analytics. She grew the data science and engineering teams from scratch, instituting ML and AI solutions for crucial product use cases. By spearheading the implementation of tools like Snowflake, she reduced platform costs by 80%.

Previously, as director of cybersecurity and data science, Alexis rapidly scaled ML-driven threat detection from zero to over 200 detections spanning endpoint, network, and cloud. She also established companywide data strategy and KPIs. Her leadership in building the analytics-powered security product was integral to enhancing customer value.

Alexis began her industry career as a Data Scientist in AdTech, where she pioneered ensemble ML models for predicting TV audience size and viewership, landing a $4M contract with a major network. She advanced to lead teams developing AI at Indeed for resume improvement and optimization that doubled job seeker engagement with the product.

With a Ph.D. in bioinformatics focused on genomics and algorithms, Alexis brings rigor in big data and scientific computing to solving real-world challenges. By partnering across functions to align data efforts to business priorities, she maximizes the ROI of AI/ML investments. A hands-on mentor, Alexis empowers teams to deliver data products that make a difference.


Stanford University

B.S, Earth Sciences


University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D. Microbial Bioinformatics


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

PostDoc. Microbial Bioinformatics



Full portfolio promotion optimizer using cross-property duplication




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