What-If Analysis for Call Centers

What-if analysis is a critical modeling technique for evaluating different scenarios and projecting how changes can impact key business metrics. With the right analytics tools, you can conduct sophisticated what-if analysis to gain valuable insights.

For call centers, what-if analysis enables modeling call volume, service levels and staffing to optimize operations.

What if call volumes increase 15%? What if handle times go up? What impact would adding 5 agents have on service level?

In this guide, learn how Blackstone + Cullen leveraged analytics to develop an interactive what-if analysis model for Norfolk Southern Railway's call center.

Discover how we:

Download this guide to learn a proven approach for conducting data-driven what-if analysis using latest tools. Equip yourself with the know-how to model different scenarios and prepare your call center for fluctuating conditions.

Impact Story - What-If Analysis for Call Centers


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