Expanding SAP Globally

As organizations grow internationally, expanding SAP globally presents immense potential along with substantial complexity. While enabling consolidated operations and reporting, global SAP must align to cultural nuances.

With expansive SAP experience, Blackstone + Cullen guides clients through critical decisions like phased vs big bang rollout. We help clients expand SAP globally through strategies addressing regional support needs, change impacts, and training.

For one healthcare manufacturer, we managed end-to-end expansion of SAP across 19 countries – aligning order-to-cash while optimizing for local customs and regulations. Effective change management was integral to successful adoption.

Download this guide to explore considerations for expanding SAP globally. Learn how to amplify benefits through regions while minimizing disruption. Discover how Blackstone + Cullen has enabled clients to expand SAP globally for unified growth.

Impact Story - Expanding SAP Globally


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