Data Driven Dashboard Solutions

Welcome to you data. Glimpse – Day One Ready by Blackstone+Cullen can give you all the data insight you need in one clear view.  With customizable data insights you are able to view the information you need when you need it.

Business Intelligence Integration Solution Scenarios

When you need a single version of the truth.

If your growth strategy is by acquisition, you likely have several disparate divisions with little synergy.

Alternatively, the organic growth of your organization may have created business units across varying geographies and functions. Unless you organization had an established enterprise architecture program in place from day one, you probably have more than one ERP, CRM, and billing system in use across enterprise.

Whether you’ve grown by acquisition or by organic growth, you need a single version of the truth to manage and to optimize your marketing sales, production, distribution, and financials.

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Marketing Leads Pipeline Solution Scenarios

Establish where your best leads are and use a “what if” scenario to get the best bang for your marketing bucks.

Gain visibility into all aspects of your organization, from marketing to financials to HR to supply chain. Glimpse is able to rationalize your data and make it persistent. It can be implemented in as little as one month so that your organization can begin to see real results from your data and our predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Whether want to track your spend on advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook or Google or understand where to divert your spending – Glimpse can do that.  Glimpse gives you the ability to measure your KPI’s against each other in an instant which enables you to get the most out of your budget.

Get our free guide to ERP and CRM integration and try our interactive dashboard

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Decision Making Data in One Place

AI or ML, dashboards, scorecards, reports…. Which do you need? Where is the data? What are your reports telling you? We can help make sense of it all.  By focusing on how you measure your business performance and identifying key business objectives, we can present your data in an actionable format.

AI or ML Platforms? Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms? We’ve worked with just about every one of them.  When building true enterprise data solutions, you’re typically dealing with numerous platforms.  Our consultants have broad backgrounds and deep knowledge of all types of data technologies.  Regardless of whether you have older main frame technologies or current technologies, large scale, open source or even proporietary systems, we have resources with the expertise you’re looking for. And we’re always keeping an eye on up and coming technologies.  As a platform agnostic company, our team can help guide your platform decisions based on your business needs.

Why Glimpse?

The world is changing. Simple things like traveling across the country will never be the same again. But that could be a good thing. Instead of worrying about things you can’t control, let’s take a Glimpse of the future.

Glimpse by Blackstone+Cullen is your first step in transforming your data to work for you and give you actionable insights into your organization. Our library of configurable dashboard templates and API connectors, Glimpse can be up and running in less than two months, compared to over six months for an on-premise solution.

    Our agile development approach using AI, BI, ML and OR couple with your data is focused on delivering optimally informative actionable data.

    See your data in a new way –  with the right team data analytics has never been so effortless

    The dashboard views YOU want to see HOW you want to see them

    Top of our mind is the security of your data.  We’ll walk you through exactly how we keep your data safe and secure

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