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Glimpse delivers real-time financial data analytics solutions that leverage our industry expertise, quantitative analytics, machine learning, real-time data connections and accessible what-if analysis tools. Glimpse’s advanced analytics is the best data analytics platform for finance.

Glimpse’s financial analytics dashboard gives real-time data access

Our Solution transforms data for immediate what-if analysis

With Glimpse’s financial analytics dashboard, leaders can take their company wide data analytics to the next level

Manage the different phases of an employee’s career

Glimpse uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data in real-time and provide actionable insights into the employee lifecycle, such as identifying the most effective recruitment channels, tracking the onboarding progress of new hires, and monitoring employee engagement levels.

Design a strategy for attracting talent globally

Glimpse is a leading provider of HR data analytics solutions that can help businesses optimize their global hiring strategy. Glimpse uses advanced technologies such as AI, IoT and ML to collect, analyze and visualize data from various sources such as resumes, social media, surveys and feedback. Glimpse helps businesses identify the best talent for their needs, improve employee engagement and retention, reduce hiring costs and risks, and enhance their employer brand.

Forecast and reduce employee turnover

Glimpse is a leading provider of HR data analytics solutions that can help businesses tackle their attrition challenges. Glimpse uses advanced technologies such as AI, IoT and ML to collect, analyze and visualize data from various sources such as performance reviews, surveys, feedback and exit interviews. Glimpse helps businesses uncover the root causes of attrition, segment employees by risk level, design personalized interventions and monitor the impact of retention initiatives

Managing Time Effectively

HR data analytics can help businesses analyze data related to compensation and employee satisfaction to make informed decisions that lead to happier and more engaged employees. By utilizing human resources data analytics tools like Glimpse, companies can identify trends, patterns, and gaps in their current compensation packages. This analysis allows them to make data-driven decisions that improve employee morale and retention rates. 

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Finance data analytics

Enhance your financial Performance with the help of our Finance Analytics Dashboard

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Data and Analytics

We configure Glimpse dashboards to provide instant access to real-time data consolidated from many systems that span the client’s enterprise.  Data transformation is done nearly instantaneously in a cloud service.  The analytics presented are always up to date.  Predictive analytics offer a what’s next view of sales, production, or supply chain traffic.  Prescriptive analytics guide actions that will enable cost reductions and greater productivity.

Custom Modeling and Solutions

We work closely with client organizations to develop customized models and solutions that enable our clients to enjoy and benefit from the experience of experimenting with a “digital twin” of their production operations.  Our custom solutions can provide highly specialized real-time reports and analyses, such as economic order quantity calculations, truck dock utilization plans, or contact center staffing plans and forecasts. In addition, What-if support is built into many of our custom solutions to enable discussion of alternative approaches in team meetings without waiting for analysts to gather further data.

Machine Learning Solutions

Glimpse dashboards can employ advanced machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns, make complex assignments, or build highly reliable forecasts from historical data available.  Models run in real-time and have many practical applications, like shopping cart fraud detection, setting of credit policies for individual customers, and identifying customer’s most likely subsequent purchases.  Machine learning models are handy for such diverse tasks as allocating marketing spend to maximize sales leads or choosing process parameters and ingredients to maximize yield from a batch process.

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