The Ultimate Solution Experience™ (USX)

Solution Selling is a thing of the past. In many cases, clients today have researched, compared, rationalized, and determined the solution before engaging an implementation team. Instead, clients ask, “Can you help me deliver the solution in my environment?” Successful solution delivery teams focus on the most positive interactions possible while managing the customer experience in solution delivery

Blackstone+Cullen refers to this focus as the Ultimate Solution Experience™ (USX). Why?  Businesses are looking for breakthrough ways to win the hearts and minds of their customers, both internal and external, by providing more pleasurable experiences in dealing with complex scenarios. Providing a better solution experience where people sense, feel, think, act, and ultimately relate to the successful experience could be the breakthrough we have been looking to achieve and the key to differentiation and winning.

Much work is occurring in Customer Experience and how customers relate to tangible products in a finite space. While creating the customer experience for actual products, delivering an experience for intangible solutions is quite challenging.  We acknowledge the great work done by many marketing experts in improving the customer experience, and we have built on their ideas and the ideas of other thought leaders.

What We Do

Solutions Management

Our teams deliver project management, prototyping, design and development, implementation, servicing, and digital content management

Big Data Analytics

Quantifying success and driving outcomes through data has been core to our business for 25 years. As a result, we were ranked as one of the top 100 Big Data Analytics companies in North America by CIO Review.

Design / Development

We design our product to meet your desired outcome. Whether it is end-to-end delivery of the Ultimate Solution Experience™ or having our incredibly talented consultants work with your teams filling in those high-value areas of need you usually do not keep on staff.  We skillfully mix the art of design with the science of development to deliver your Ultimate Solution Experience™.

Solutions For All Aspects of Your Business

Featured Capabilities


Personas are a tool that reminds the development/design team of their Ultimate Customer by not only helping you visualize the Ultimate Customer, but also by providing a one-stop-shop for all their information: biography, interactions, pain points, goals, and motivations.

User Stories by Phase

A Customer Journey Map is a visual illustration of one persona’s interactions and experience, from the personas point-of-view with the goal of understand what “occurs” in each state of the customer journey, and what “moves” those customers from one to the next.

Using Advanced Analytics for Next-Level Student Insights

Whether it is to reduce costs, reduce time, or accurately predict customer trends, advanced analytics provides educators the ability to forecast what may happen in the future. See how Blackstone + Cullen used advanced analytics to allow Gwinnett County Public Schools have better insight into their students’ specific needs. We can now tell if a child should take math before or after lunch. What specific attention should the teacher pay to a specific student during that next period.

Bringing an Oil Storage Facility Back to Life

How fast can an old refinery with no people, no systems, and no infrastructure be converted to an oil storage facility? Discover how Blackstone + Cullen delivered the right talent to ensure that Arclight Capital Partners was fully prepared to receive their first shipment arriving in 90 days from the initial request.

What-If Analysis for Call Centers

What-if analysis provides the ability to compare different scenarios and their potential outcomes based on fluctuating conditions. Einstein Analytics and Tableau SF are just some of the tools that can be utilized to show data interdependencies for key outcomes. Learn more about how Blackstone + Cullen worked with Norfolk Southern Railway Company on their what-if analysis for their call center.

Equipment Rental Company Gain $125M in Sales Revenue

A well-known equipment rental company struggled to fulfill orders from the least-cost location. Blackstone and Cullen integrated data from several legacy systems and applied an AI solution to choose the best equipment location for each rental. As a result, delays in provisioning were reduced, and fleet sales increased by 2.5% with no purchase of additional assets required.

Quality Focused, Result Driven

Examples of Our Work

Least Cost Supply Chain Dashboard

Delivering the Enterprise What-If Capability

Organizations are always looking for more insight out of their reports and dashboards. What-if analysis can deliver exactly that. Discover how to maximize the capabilities of Power BI or Tableau, and how they can be used with advanced what-if analysis to help you answer not only "What happened?" but "What could happen?" and deliver an optimized yet dynamically configurable business scenario models.

Finding Star Partners

Determining which partners will help your company deliver the best results is critical. Learn how Blackstone + Cullen helped VMware identify their best partners.

Sustained, Unfair Competitive Advantage

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