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Data Automation

Glimpse automates the overworked, manual tasks associated with data entry, allowing users to quickly and efficiently access the data they need.

Data Analytics

Glimpse provides users with quick, efficient access to data analytics, reports and the month-end close process by automating overworked, manual tasks.

Improve Quality

Glimpse gives you clean, accurate data that you can trust to make informed decisions.

Glimpse Makes Answers Happen Now


With Glimpse you no longer need to leave the meeting to gather the answer to “What-if” questions.  Glimpse gives you access to immediate future planning.

Improve Efficiency

With Glimpse, you’ll have quick, efficient access to the data you need, when you need it.

Save Time

With Glimpse, you’ll save time on data entry and data management, so you can focus on more important tasks.

Featured Capabilities

Marketing Leads Pipeline Analysis

Monitor marketing channel lead generation performance to optimize marketing spending and inside sales performance. 

ERP Integration

Integrate sales and product performance across multiple ERP systems.  

Multi-Echelon Supply Chain Cost Reduction

Optimize transshipments and inventory ordering to minimize the total cost for a network of distribution centers. 

Supply Chain Disruption Recovery Planning

Identify likely disruptions and impacts from supplier outages.  Plan replacement products and identify alternative suppliers. 

Glimpse delivers real-time data analytics solutions that leverage our industry expertise, quantitative analytics, machine learning, real-time data connections, and accessible what-if analysis tools

Leaders who want to ask a few basic questions can no longer afford to schedule subsequent meetings just to allow analysts time to perform tedious queries, joins, and data cleanups to answer a few basic what-if questions.  

Glimpse provides access to real-time information based on data consolidated from across all enterprise systems. 

Glimpse transforms that data into a common format, aligns and translates date, time, and currency data, and presents the facts you need for immediate what-if analysis.

Glimpse solutions are delivered in Power BI or Tableau, depending on our client’s requirements.

Quality Focused, Result Driven

Dive Into What We Do

Data and Analytics

We configure Glimpse dashboards to provide instant access to real-time data consolidated from many systems that span the client’s enterprise.  Data transformation is done nearly instantaneously in a cloud service.  The analytics presented are always up to date.  Predictive analytics offer a what’s next view of sales, production, or supply chain traffic.  Prescriptive analytics guide actions that will enable cost reductions and greater productivity.

Custom Modeling and Solutions

We work closely with client organizations to develop customized models and solutions that enable our clients to enjoy and benefit from the experience of experimenting with a “digital twin” of their production operations.  Our custom solutions can provide highly specialized real-time reports and analyses, such as economic order quantity calculations, truck dock utilization plans, or contact center staffing plans and forecasts. In addition, What-if support is built into many of our custom solutions to enable discussion of alternative approaches in team meetings without waiting for analysts to gather further data.

Machine Learning Solutions

Glimpse dashboards can employ advanced machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns, make complex assignments, or build highly reliable forecasts from historical data available.  Models run in real-time and have many practical applications, like shopping cart fraud detection, setting of credit policies for individual customers, and identifying customer’s most likely subsequent purchases.  Machine learning models are handy for such diverse tasks as allocating marketing spend to maximize sales leads or choosing process parameters and ingredients to maximize yield from a batch process.

Solutions For All Aspects of Your Business

Impact Stories

Product Replacement Management for Toy Manufacturer

A major toy manufacturer with a long supply chain must manufacture and track replacement inventory with a similar category, size, shape, weight, cost, and retail margin to avoid empty peg penalties as high as $50,000 per instance. Blackstone+Cullen delivered a solution to show the status of all products in the supply chain and profit by peg by customer, along with the best substitute product.

Re-Engineering a Distribution Network

A major industrial powerhouse was not able to understand and respond to end-customer sell-through from its distribution network. Blackstone+Cullen built aggregation and transformation tools to provide a complete end-to-end view of the distribution network. With new dashboards and reporting tools, the industrial client could speed expansion of its distribution network and extend its market penetration.

Equipment Rental Company Gain $125M in Sales Revenue

A well-known equipment rental company struggled to fulfill orders from the least-cost location. Blackstone+Cullen integrated data from several legacy systems and applied an AI solution to choose the best equipment location for each rental. As a result, delays in provisioning were reduced, and fleet sales increased by 2.5% with no purchase of additional assets required.

Sustained, Unfair Competitive Advantage

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Data Architect / Analyst

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