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The rapidly evolving marketplace requires real-time data and solutions that look forward to offer sure-footed guidance to achieve least cost and greatest revenue.  The Blackstone+Cullen team goes far beyond ordinary analytics by combining industry experience, analytical skills, classic operations research techniques, and modern machine learning tools to develop clever solutions and real transformation.

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What if You Have to Integrate Multiple ERP and CRM Systems?

What if through mergers, acquisitions, and territorial expansion, your company operating data is now spread out across several ERP, CRM, and billing systems?  How can you combine all the data together into a coherent view of what is going on in finance, marketing, sales, production, warehousing, and distribution?

Supply Chain Performance Analytics for Inventory, Supplier, and Fulfillment Management

A real-time live-data supply chain data dashboard with actionable analytics can be a powerful tool for optimizing inventory, supplier, and fulfillment performance. The tools we show here will enable a logistics vice president, brand manager, category manager, or operations vice president to optimize supply chain performance.

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Project/Program Management

Building a Project Management Competency

Make a difference by building a center of excellence with project management as a competency. As indicated in our last article, “Project Management: Utilizing a Reactive Methodology” a project can

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Our Approach

We study and analyze your growth and transformation opportunity and build analytical models to help us develop new and unique solutions for your business problem.  We apply a thoughtful mix of classical analytical tools and machine learning models to deliver tangible results that overcome barriers to transformation and business value.

Our expertise in complex problem solving in business allows us to tackle your most pressing challenges through data-driven analysis and modeling. We leverage complex problem solving in business to optimize operations, increase efficiency, and drive growth. By leveraging complex problem solving in business, we can deliver innovative solutions to overcome any obstacle.

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