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Across the top shows the Business Function and the Types of Solutions Delivered along with the Cloud used and where we have employed our Ultimate Solution Experience – USX® methodology.

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What if You Have to Integrate Multiple ERP and CRM Systems?

What if through mergers, acquisitions, and territorial expansion, your company operating data is now spread out across several ERP, CRM, and billing systems?  How can you combine all the data together into a coherent view of what is going on in finance, marketing, sales, production, warehousing, and distribution?

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Our Approach

We study and analyze your growth and transformation opportunity, build analytical models to help us develop new and unique solutions for your business problem.  We apply a thoughtful mix of classical analytical tools and machine learning models to deliver tangible results that overcome barriers to transformation and business value.

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Power BI for Your Analytics Services

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Roadmap for Future Enterprise Architecture

Our People

Understand how our team can help your organization with complex business problems.

Elizabeth Hancock

VP of Solution Delivery

Elizabeth Hancock is a managing leader with over 20 years of experience in the consulting industry. With extensive experience on multi-project initiatives with diverse expert teams, Elizabeth brings knowledge and expertise in balancing competing objectives across varying industries.

Lee Blackstone


Lee Blackstone is the founder and owner of Blackstone + Cullen. With a career spanning 20+ years working for global companies and 25+ years as an entrepreneur, Lee has a passion for driving client success, measured by the fact that over 80% of our clients’ project owners receive bonuses or promotions because of the solutions we have delivered.

Bruce Brownlee

Product Manager

Over an expansive career in technology, Bruce has honed his skills as an analytics product manager and data scientist with broad experience. The breadth of his experience includes marketing, product management, data science, mathematical modelling, applied mathematics, operations research, financial modelling, and software development.

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