Solution Selling is So 2012

What You Already Know: Solution Selling Is So 2012

It is well known that Solution Selling is a thing of the past. In fact, in 2012 Harvard Business Review published an article titled, “The End of Solution Sales”, which describes how “companies can readily define solutions for themselves.”  Often, clients today have researched, compared, rationalized and determined the solution before engaging a team for implementation. This has led to organizations and consulting firms identifying their staff and project teams as team members in a “Solution Delivery” organization or department.  But Solution Delivery is more than just a group of consultants and technical resources. That’s where the Ultimate Solution Experience comes in.

It’s not all about the solution.  Solution Delivery teams must focus on the positive interactions or touch points with the client and with the ultimate consumer and benefactor of the solution delivered.  This focus takes solution delivery beyond typical consulting services and begins to focus on the overall solution delivery experience.

“A solution delivery minded organization should be focused on the impact of the solution they are providing to the business.”
Lee Blackstone
President - Blackstone+Cullen

What You Might Already Know: Customer Experience, the Tip of the Iceberg

A lot of thought has already gone into developing the Customer Experience for purchasing tangible products in physical space. This Customer Experience is normally focused around purchasing a product like an Apple iPhone or iPad, a Tesla automobile or a Samsung 4K TV. Some have taken the experience all the way to ownership and servicing the product.  The solution delivery experience is a bit more abstract.  There is no physical object to experience. Solution Delivery teams provide a solution to an issue or problem which normally begins in the form of a project.  The approach, interactions, communications, and ultimate delivery of the solution comprise the overall solution experience. But there’s no “one size fits all.” To date, we have found no technology that will create and drive a compelling solution delivery experience.  So what do we do?

What You Need to Know: Ultimate Solution Experience™

Our experience dictates that Solution Delivery needs to be kicked up a notch. We’ve developed a framework, a set of principles, a methodology to our Solution Delivery approach.

We call it the Ultimate Solution Experience™ (uSX).

Why?  It works. We’ve seen over & over that providing a better solution experience – one that makes people sense, feel, think, act, and ultimately relate to the successful delivery of the solutions provided – just plain works. And it’s time to tell the world.

Staye Tuned.........

The value of the steps you take lead to the value of what you create… The effectiveness of the journey determines the effectiveness of the solution… So, join us in this blog’s journey to successfully creating the Ultimate Solution Experience™.

There will be downloadable guides, check lists, step by step instructions, and tips & tricks to create and be a part of the Ultimate Solution Experience™.

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