🔈 The entire PPP Program has been at the top of everyone’s minds. If you are like me, you’re likely asking “Will it be forgiven?” or “Can I save my people?” or “Can I save my company?”

With the help of one of my Vistage colleagues, Sean Taylor, we have something that may be helpful.

As a Partner in Charge for Smith & Howard, Sean shared with us an excel worksheet to calculate PPP forgiveness during the #Covid19 crisis.

I took the spreadsheet a step further and created a PPP Forgiveness “What-If” estimation visualization dashboard.

If you would like a copy at no charge of the underlying spreadsheet, with the ability to get results to the penny, fill in the request form and it will be immediately sent to you.

👉 http://www.dayoneready.com

Please forward this to anyone you know dealing with PPP Forgiveness so they can get a Glimpse of what they can expect.