Blackstone+Cullen has something to say. As a matter of fact, we have a lot to say. So, here we go…

Who we are.
This blog may be new, but Blackstone+Cullen sure isn’t. Since 1989 we’ve been delivering the best in highly customized technology and consulting solutions to the world’s leading brands. This blog will have content from expert contributors from within Blackstone+Cullen and other experts in the latest technologies, business intelligence, application development, portals, and big data.

Lee Blackstone, Co-Founder & CEO Blackstone+Cullen

Lee Blackstone, Co-Founder Blackstone+Cullen

Frank Cullen, Co-Founder Blackstone+Cullen

Frank Cullen, Co-Founder Blackstone+Cullen

Here are the faces to the Blackstone+Cullen name.
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Why we’re blogging.
We’re proud to say we’re already experts in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence(BI), IT Strategies, Application Development, Enterprise Portals, and Business Development. We’re already well known for solving complex business problems, creating and simplifying smart solutions and providing on-time, on-budget delivery. But for us that isn’t enough. Now we want to help spread our knowledge and experience even further.

We’re ready to join, create & lead conversations.

What we’ll blog about.

You can expect the most current, most exciting, most helpful news and tools from the Blackstone+Cullen blog. We’ll be keeping you in the loop on what’s happening in the industry, what’s being developed at Blackstone+Cullen, plus sharing tools & templates that we use every day in our own business.

Stay in the loop.
We’ll be sharing our posts through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Want to contribute?

You’re saying to yourself, “Hey Blackstone+Cullen – I’m an expert. I have something to say.”

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