We Are All Startups Again, Starting Over

Samuel Rutherford, a Scottish pastor in the 17th century, said when he was cast into the cellars of affliction, he remembered that the great King always kept his wine there.

It does feel like many of us have been cast into cellars during the Pandemic. Thinking in terms of Pre-Coronavirus and Post-Coronavirus has become routine. How were things done, decisions made, and circumstances different before and now?

As we return to our business, have you found some good wine?

Covid-19 has devastated families and severely damaged businesses. Many have pivoted and found their wine in these changing days. It still fascinates me to think of people paying hairstylists for a video call to coach them through cutting their hair.


Another physical to virtual pivot comes from Chicago’s Second City, improvising from a 60-year-old comedy theatre to become a virtual show moving beyond the physical capacity of less than 300 audience members to 1,000’s per viewing, today. They have expanded their offerings to deliver business education and humorous workplace content. Read more about it here.

Small companies and especially start-ups, generally have more flexibility to alter their business model and respond. Understanding what has changed in the customers’ view of the world takes intentional and persistent dedication.

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