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The world is changing. Simple things like traveling across the country will never be the same again, but that could be a good thing. Instead of worrying about things you can’t control, let’s take a Glimpse® of the future.

Glimpse® by Blackstone+Cullen is your first step in transforming your data to work for you and give you actionable insights into your organization. Our library of configurable dashboard templates and API connectors, Glimpse can be up and running in less than two months, compared to over six months for an on-premise solution.

Sure-footed leadership of the enterprise and the ability to achieve digital transformation success both rely on mastery of enterprise data and architecture, ability to model, understand, and optimize the activities of the enterprise, and to drive project and program management at global scale to integrate and align systems and activities across the enterprise.

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Years experience
300 +
Solutions Delivered
23 %
Clients promoted
23 %
On Time, On Budget

Promoting the Client

Client Promotions as Result of Successful Solution Delivery
On Time, on Budget Project Delivery
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There’s No Power Ready for an All-Electric Car and Light Truck Fleet

The Blackstone+Cullen team goes far beyond ordinary analytics by combining industry experience, analytical skills, classic operations research techniques, and modern machine learning tools to develop clever solutions and real transformation.

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why choose Blackstone+Cullen?

When was the last time your engagement with a firm has led to your promotion or a bonus as a result of a successful solution delivery?

Experienced Consultants

Our consultants are multi-skilled in order to maximize client success.

Technology Leaders

Our key partnerships position us to work with the latest software before its public release.

On Time, On Budget

Following our project management principles, we can guarantee an on-time and on-budget delivery.

Technology Agnostic

Our consultants understand multiple platforms for each of their areas of expertise.

Business Drive

We drive to understand the business impact and purpose of the solutions we deliver.

Measure of Success

To ensure success, we work with you to define the measures of success before we begin.

Solutions For All Aspects Of Your Business

Blackstone+Cullen has worked with a wide range of organizations in a variety of industries utilizing a broad set of capabilities that specialize in complex problem solving, solution delivery, and “what if” scenario modeling.

In addition, we solve our clients’ business functions demands, whether it’s Customer Engagement, Finance, Infrastructure, Operations and Supply Chain, or Workforce Management.

Check out our detailed capabilities to get more insight into our successful solutions delivered.

Our Depth of Expertise Makes Us Unique

In our Principal Program you will find a dynamic mix of deep experience. Whether it’s Data Analytics, Program/Project Management and Delivery, Customer Experience or Change Management, we’ve worked hard to assemble a team of professionals who can step into any environment and make an immediate impact.

Our Principals are based all over the world giving us the ability to work across all times zones as well as allowing us to work together according to your needs.

Kathryn Wilson
J. Paul Oxer
Scott Radcliffe
Sebastian VanDyke
Kris Fuehr
Marshall Wenrich


Inside Scoop On Your Customers' Next Most Likely Purchase

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Global Strategic Account Management Systems
Increase Sales Quota by Identifying Next Most Likely Purchase

The Ultimate Solution Experience USX™

Blackstone+Cullen refers to this as the Ultimate Solution Experience™ (USX). Why?

Post Covid, businesses are seeking for new and innovative ways to win the hearts and minds of their internal and external customers by giving more pleasurable experiences when dealing with complex scenarios. Providing a better solution experience in which individuals sense, feel, think, act, and ultimately relate to a successful experience could be the breakthrough you have been looking for to achieve and the key to differentiation and winning.

what Are Clients Saying?

Blackstone Cullen is the go-to provider for data-driven businesses looking for actionable insights.  

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